New pictures for DMNT

Photographer Marco Mertens visited the rehearsals of DMNT at Campo and took us these pictures:

De Jonge Academie

Ugo Dehaes got selected as a new member of the Young Academy (De Jonge Academie) for the next 5 years. The Young Academie is an autonomous organisation that brings together the renowed young researchers with focus on scientific research in all its domains.
On march 12, 2015 the new members will be inaugurated. Inscription for this event is free of charge after registration:

Shan Research

This saison, Ugo Dehaes is meeting every week with Shan, a young woman with Angelman Syndrome. Thanks to Fondation Shan she can enjoy, with her assistants, as much as possible a normal life.
Together, Shan and Ugo are searching how to communicate and how to trust each other. Both are learning a lot from each others movements and motivations. And like this, very slowly, they start to dance.


Mon 06-07-2015 DMNT  10:00 La Condition des Soies, Avignon
Tue 07-07-2015 DMNT  10:00 La Condition des Soies, Avignon
Wed 08-07-2015 DMNT  10:00 La Condition des Soies, Avignon
Thu 09-07-2015 DMNT  10:00 La Condition des Soies, Avignon
Fri 10-07-2015 DMNT  10:00 La Condition des Soies, Avignon
Sat 11-07-2015 DMNT  10:00 La Condition des Soies, Avignon
Thu 12-11-2015 DMNT   Monty, Antwerpen
Fri 13-11-2015 DMNT   kc nOna, Mechelen
Sat 14-11-2015 DMNT   kc nOna, Mechelen
Wed 18-11-2015 DMNT   c.c. De Velinx, Tongeren
Thu 26-11-2015 DMNT   AINSI, Maastricht
Fri 27-11-2015 DMNT   C-mine Cultuurcentrum, Genk

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