kwaadbloed vzw
In the award-winning piece WOMEN, Belgian choreographer Ugo Dehaes takes the audience through a trip of different emotions using nothing more than 7 dancers and the sound of their breath. 

One the one hand WOMEN shows real women, 7 female dancers all aged between 30 and 60 years old and how they behave in group. Through complex and highly physical material the dancers get into a state of high concentration and fatigue. This way they forget to put on an act and we get to see the real women behind the dancers, with whom we can all identify.

On the other hand WOMEN uses the powerful tool of the breath to show the strength of dance without the additional support of music and to guide the audience into a different state of being. There is a natural tendency of the audience to be influenced by the breaths they hear and see, which alters their state of being. Through a series of scenes, based on different ways of breathing (or not breathing) the audience is guided through different emotions.