"As if their heads are taped together - the central axis in this choreography - a fluent, rhythmic play of letting loose and entwining, of carrying and being carried, of attracting and rejecting, unfolds, from which rigorously all pathetic seriousness is filtered."
02/05/2013 - De Morgen

"The best dance performance I've seen in ages. The unusual choreography was powerful and comical, teasing and sweet. Dehaes gave me a sincere and hopeful understanding of the relationship that can exist between two people."
30/05/2014 - www.ongekunsteld.net

"Joy, humour, eroticism, and a sigh in an ironic reference to Women: Dehaes knows how to keep a silent choreography interesting."
02/05/2013 - De Standaard

" **** In Grafted, Dehaes has steered the dancers towards a beautiful, breathtaking result that is moving, overwhelming and memorable. The suppleness with which these artists manoeuvred their bodies elicited a series of shocked cries from the audience. After the performance, the dancers received no fewer than four curtain calls. Bravo!"
02/05/2013 - CJP

"Incredibly beautiful and poignant."
01/05/2013 - De Theaterkrant

"We are told that his new choreography is full of winks to his earlier work, and now again Dehaes would be fatiguing his dancers physically, in order to create a wonderfully sober mix of ballet and acrobatics."
27/04/2013 - De Standaard

Before, Dehaes always drew creatures/objects, which the dancers animated afterwards. "Now I depart from the dancers themselves. I draw their improvised movements and build my choreography on that. My drafts are my scores. I mostly draw while rehearsing."
24/04/2013 - Knack