Working towards a premiere forces an association like Flagdancegroup Symbolica to reinvent the thing they do over and over again. For Symballoo they looked for inspiration in the etymological grounds of their name: what's in a name?
Flagdancegroup Symbolica is in very close contact with its environment. They get their inspiration from the many experiences they gain on their annual tours in foreign countries. In the pas five years, Symbolica has performed in Germany, Croatia, Hungary, the United States of America, Poland, France, Austria and the Netherlands.
Flagdancegroup Symbolica also loves getting inspired by another world: that of modern dance. This way, they transform flagdancing into dancing with flags. Symbolica is always searching for new ways to break out of their boundaries by cooperating with promising and young professional choreographers. These cooperations make Symbolica walk different paths and forcs the choreographers to give different shapes to movements. This way, unknown possibilities are explored and a new space is created for innovative dance with flags. 
This show is a reflection of these cooperations with choreographies by Judith Clijsters, Ugo Dehaes, Thomas Devens, Yentl De Werdt, Thierry Smits, Vincenzo Carta, Véronique Lenaers, Luc Morren and Symbolica's housechoreographer Christel Salaets. Also, some self-made creations have been included in the program. 
Symballoo was presented on the 30th of November 2013 in the C-Mine cultural centre in Genk.