In 2011 Ugo Dehaes created the performance WOMEN with 8 'older' dancers aged 30 to 60. Together they worked on a professional, full evening show, that toured throughout Europe. The most particular aspect of WOMEN is that all movements are accompanied by a specific way of breathing. Together, these breaths form the soundtrack of the piece.

In this workshop Ugo proposed to work around the choreographic principles of WOMEN. Each scene can be experienced through simple dance-phrases that are gradually composed into complex structures. Depending on the level of the participant we work with the real material of WOMEN or simplified versions.

The participants learn how to combine dance and breath, and get a unique, physical, inside in how the performance was created. 
At the end of the workshop we can put all the material together into a little performance.

This workshop is accessible to anybody, regardless of any dance-background, but the participant need to be able to learn and remember short dance-phrases.
WOMEN-workshop is specifically aimed at adults (18 - 99), but could also be combined with the GIRLS-workshop, in which case parents could participate at the same time as their kids.