From 2015 to 2020, Ugo Dehaes will be member of de Jonge Academie as an artist.

De Jonge Academie is an autonomous-working society of young top researchers related to a specific Flemish university and/or Flemish or federal scientific research institution. To obtain admission, each of the candidates must have achieved his/her Ph.D. in a certain field of study for at least 3 years (and with a maximum of 10 years). Every membership lasts for 5 years. De Jonge Academie chooses its new members itself, based on a strong scientific dossier and a distinct motivation. De Jonge Academie strives for a balanced representation of the various scientific disciplines. 

Scientific policy, cross-disciplinary research and scientific communication are the main interests of de Jonge Academie's members, which they approach from the younger academic's point of view. Thereby much attention is given to the international aspect of these themes. Thanks to the wide background of its members, the internal meetings bring along various points of view that are typical for the diverse disciplines. In that way de Jonge Academie stimulates the interdisciplinary way of thinking, which leads to the development of collective, multidisciplinary supported visions on those themes.

The members strive for the advancement of researching possibilities for scientists at the beginning of their career. They reflect on every possible aspect that may relate to the young academic's research and career. Based on this, de Jonge Academie develops certain points of view that result in public notes and/or activities. The members communicate adequately with policy makers, academics and the whole society. De Jonge Academie participates in the broad debate about science and the scientists in today's society. Furthermore, de Jonge Academie spreads its passion for science.