Forced Labor is about our society, and how we developed robots and artificial intelligence to replace us at our jobs. Originally the robots got the heavy, repetitive and dangerous jobs. The artificial intelligence helped recognizing patterns or learned how to drive a car, but it felt safe to say that all creative jobs would still require a real human being.

But now we passed the point where computers are just executing what they are programmed for, as they start to think for themselves, and become smart and creative to do their job.

As a choreographer Ugo has always been interested in movement, no matter how or by whom it was created. For Forced Labor he set himself the challenge to create a dance performance where as many artistic jobs as possible would be executed by robots. At this point he replaced all dancers by moving objects, but hopefully by 2020 he will be able to replace himself, the choreographer, by an artificial intelligence that will create the final choreography.