a duet workshop for professional dancers based on Couple-Like

During this workshop Ugo Dehaes and Keren Levi guide the participants in the creation of a short duet which is based on kinesthetic propositions, researching the relationship between "two bodies in one space". The workshop is focusing on the definition and development of modes of (physical) attachment and terms of (physical) engagement aspiring from the duet couple-like Keren and Ugo made in collaboration.

In the start of the workshop the participants are divided into "groups of two" which remain so until the end of the process. It's possible and even recommended to inscribe to the workshop with a fellow partner one wishes to collaborate with. Each "group of two" is asked to create movement material starting from a shared primary principle: occupying the same space at the same time. The intention is that each couple will interpret this principle in their own way and throughout the workshop will establish a dynamic and a physical mark of their own.

We do not work around predetermined themes or narratives, but direct the participants to allow meaning to emerge out of their meeting and work in the context of the workshop. While being engaged in a consequent movement research, we help each couple to look for a story that can only be told by their bodies and their own method of movement.

Through improvisation techniques introduced by us, each couple will look for ideas for movement material. We will guide the participants in researching different modes of physical attachment when finally one principle will be decided on out of the pallet of possibilities. The intention is that every duet will finally be based on a single kinesthetic principle that will consequently be developed throughout the piece. We will offer different compositional devices and approaches which will allow every duet to consequently evolve around a clear yet layered physical theme.