Il lavoro che c’e’ dietro “Women” e’ mostruoso, lascia senza fiato, e il pubblico non puo’ che plaudire con una standing ovation dal cuore a un’opera che meriterebbe delle repliche a Roma e in tutta Italia. Educativo, pieno, cucito, intenso, magistrale.
17/02/2012 -

"Their movements are quite determined and powerful, even empowered by the sounds the women produce. Dehaes is using their breaths as music. The women are taking deep breaths, gasping, groaning. They're like musicians bringing forth their scores."
28/10/2011 - De Volkskrant

"The play is quite cold, yet captivating throughout. The choreography encourages the audience to fit in the bigger whole in its own way. And that seems to work!"
21/10/2011 - Nieuwsblad van Geel

"The spectator sees his own body reflected on stage. The breathing thematised by Dehaes is a powerful way of achieving this. He adroitly makes the dancing body tangible and involuntarily drags the audience along with him. Women is not only beautiful, but also moving. Mission accomplished."
01/10/2011 - rekto:verso

"With Women, Ugo Deheas presents some nice material, with a proper simplicity and a relieved self-relativation. The people on the waiting list who didn't make it, have certainly missed something."
28/09/2011 -

Poetic review in Corpus Kunstkritiek
02/09/2011 - Corpus Kunstkritiek

Announcement in CJP Magazine
01/09/2011 - CJP magazine

"Women's bringing the viewer a dance performance which does not only focuses on the individual characteristics of the dancers, but also knows how to make them one - by mixing rhythm, sound and dance."
01/09/2011 -

"De Morgen called WOMEN the most exciting discovery of the Flemish Theatre Festival 2011: This is an ingenious choreography in which performers also have the freedom to start with a blank canvas, to perform the movement in a way which fits with their body and with their way of thinking."
25/08/2011 - De Morgen

Announcement on
23/08/2011 -

Where do you have to go? Five tips...
21/08/2011 - De Standaard

Announcement in De Standaard
27/05/2011 - De Standaard

Finally, Het Theaterfestival is showing the best (again)
26/05/2011 - Knack

"Every last frill, decoration and effect has been thrown overboard. With this group of women, Ugo Dehaes tries to return to the essence of the dance's dynamic and to the strength of its performers by means of a detailed symbiosis of breathing and timing in the movements. He succeeds beautifully in this."
23/04/2011 - TheaterMaggezien

"WOMEN is highly recommended for anyone who is moved by subtle things like a nuance in a breath. Ugo Dehaes translates this essence into a choreography that balances expertly between melancholy and humour."
08/04/2011 - De Standaard

Announcement in Pas Uit Oost-Brabant
01/04/2011 - Pas Uit Oost-Brabant

Announcement in Uit in Leuven
01/04/2011 - Uit in Leuven

"A fundamentally physical, dansant performance of unbelievable pride"
25/03/2011 - TAKT#6

"Through his duet Couple-Like (in collaboration with Keren Levi), we know Dehaes as a master in putting down simple, yet very smart and flawless physical situations and images"
24/03/2011 - < H >ART